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Trekking in Nepal

Trekking is the highlight of a visit to Nepal and is probably the best way to explore the country, its hills and Himalayas. A trekking course follows the paths from village to village; thus, one comes in direct contact with the simple lifestyle of hilly or highlander people, their unique customs, interesting culture and the dramatically diverse landscape of breathtaking sceneries.
The range of geographic features, variety of vegetation and rich Himalayan culture award trekkers with a unique trekking experience. Thousands of visitors trek to different parts of Nepal every year to experience the charm of nature and culture. Most treks go through altitude between 1500 to 4500 meters, while some popular treks reach over 5000 meters.
Nepal offers excellent trekking options to visitors from easy walking excursions to strenuous climb of snowy peaks. The most rewarding way to experience Nepal’s natural embellishments and cultural assortment is to walk through the length, breadth and the altitudes of the country. Trekking in Nepal is a big part of the ultimate Himalayan adventure and a majority of tourists have trekking as a major item in their itinerary. Nepal is a unique destination for trekking because of its unbeatable combination of natural beauty and cultural richness. The most appropriate way to experience it is by walking through them. Nepal is a special and rewarding mountain holiday destination and tough to easy walking trips following rough and well developed trails can be done here. With a trek around Nepal, you will directly experience our culture and hospitality, lifestyle of different ethnic people, religious harmony, colorful festivals and much more.
Trekking in Nepal can be done in three modes known as Tea-House Trekking, Home-Stay Trekking and Camping Trekking, mostly depending on particular areas of the country you are trekking.

Tea-House Trekking is the most popular way of trekking in Nepal and also known as Lodge trekking. In this mode, trekkers can drink, eat and stay at Tea-houses/ Lodges along the trail. It can be done in almost all of the major trekking regions in Nepal.

Home-Stay Trekking is a great way to experience local lifestyle, tradition and culture closely. In this type of trekking, trekkers get to stay and eat with the local family in their homes, interacting with the family and the community. This mode of trekking is only available to certain areas of the country.

Camping Trekking is the classic style of trekking in Nepal and can be done almost anywhere in the country. It is fully organized and supported with a team of guides, cooks, sherpas and porters to accompany you. All the necessary trekking gears; food, fuel and other goods are carried by porters. The cook will prepare all the meals and at night, tents for dining and sleeping are set up. This mode of trekking is specially required where there are not enough tea-houses/ lodges along the trail.

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Trekking in Nepal Regions

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